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Golf summer camp, the best experience this summer


The kids head home with amazing memories before going back to school

Summer vacation has ended, and with it, the Golf Summer Camp by Bahia Principe.

There were 4 sessions of the 6-day camp. Six days together having fun, where the kids could enjoy a variety of activities that only a resort like Bahia Principe could organize for them.

These included a golf clinic at the magnificent Riviera Maya Golf Club where, under the tutelage of Joseba Romero, golf teacher at Bahia Principe Golf Academies, and through games and activities, the kids learned about this sport. At the end of the week, there was a small tournament in which the young players demonstrated their skills, obtaining their junior golf certificate.

Other activities the kids enjoyed were kayaking and snorkeling. The camp was supervised by a team of professionals along with the Bahia Principe Hotels entertainment team.

The camp, in addition to offering sports activities, also included another very important aspect, which was educating the children and raising their awareness of the need to take care of the environment and animals. During the nature walk, they learned about flora and fauna, and through their interaction with the dolphins they also learned the importance of taking care of and learning from these magnificent animals.

There was constant laughter and fun, as well as impromptu statements such as: “the best camp I've ever been to,” and “I want to come back next year,” which confirmed that the Golf Summer Camp was a total success, and is sure to become known as the best place for kids to spend their summer in the Riviera Maya.

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